Let More Than Just Price Determine Where You Go For Tattoo Removal!

Whether you’d like to lighten an old tattoo for a new cover-up or you’re looking for complete removal, we’ve got you covered!

At LANSING LASER you’re assured that a trained and Certified Laser Technician (CLT) is conducting your treatments.

Our CLTs are graduates of the National Laser Institute & are Certified as Laser Technicians and Laser Safety Officers.  

In addition, we have over 20 years of experience in the tattoo industry & we specialize in tattoo removal only. Our extensive experience & knowledge of the tattoo process – combined with superior laser technology – ensures less treatments for you & a better end result!

The tattoo removal process typically requires multiple treatments depending on the tattoo size, density of the tattoo ink, the client’s health/age, & the area of body where the tattoo is placed.  These factors also determine how much time is needed between each treatment. A Certified Laser Specialist will evaluate each client’s individual needs & determine an individualized treatment plan.

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