Let More Than Just Price Determine Where You Go For Tattoo Removal!

Whether you’d like to lighten an old tattoo for a new cover-up or you’re looking for complete removal, we’ve got you covered!

At LANSING LASER you’re assured that a Trained and Certified Laser Technician (CLT) is conducting your treatments.

All 3 of our CLT’s are graduates of the National Laser Institute & are Certified Laser Technicians Laser Safety Officers.  

In addition, we have over 28 years of experience in the tattoo industry & we specialize in tattoo removal only. Our extensive experience & knowledge of the tattoo process – combined with superior Quanta laser technology – ensures less treatments for you & a better end result!

The tattoo removal process typically requires multiple treatments depending on the tattoo size, density of the tattoo ink, the client’s health/age, & the area of body where the tattoo is placed.  These factors also determine how much time is needed between each treatment. 

Our Certified Laser Technicians will evaluate each client’s specific needs & determine an individualized treatment plan.

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From your first consolation to your final appointment. 

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Lansing Laser tattoo removal process close up.

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